Piney Woods cattle

These hardy cattle were introduced into the Pineywoods of the Deep South by the Spaniards more than five centuries ago and have adapted to the harsh conditions of the region. Traditionally these cattle have served as a tri-purpose breed meaning they supplied milk, meat, and labour for the farms of the Deep South until fairly recent times. Ranging from small to medium sized cattle, they literally made their own living from the grasses, sedges, and shrubs that were found growing in the vast Longstraw pine forests of the Coastal Plains South. Horn length varies from long and twisted to short and crumpled with a few being polled (hornless) and colours and colour patterns are varied with red, yellow, black, blue, white, and grey ranging from solid colours to various spotting and roan variations are to be found amongst these cattle. Many of these cattle possess excellent udders and can be used as excellent milk cows for the home. There are some twelve strains of these cattle left and ten of the twelve strains are of Mississippi origin and each strain bears the name of the family that kept them.

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